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Solex School of Architecture and Design Art unveiled
2021-10-28 09:38 Ycy 

Oct. 24: Solex School of Architecture and Design Art was declared to open on the Yvmu Campus Sunday morning. Mr. Zhou Huasong, director of the board of Solex Group, and Prof. Zhang Zhuohua, president of the University attended the ceremony.

Zhang Zhuohua, on behalf of the University, extended his congratulations on the foundation of SSADA, and reviewed the achievements over the past three years of cooperation with the Solex Group. He also made three suggestions about the construction and development of SSADA, co-nurturing first-class talents, co-constructing first-class disciplines, and co-achieving first-class achievements. By so doing, both parties could foster a win-win model of collaboration, the president was quoted as saying.

Mr. Zhou Huasong, based on his personal experiences, expounded the significance of the construction of SSADA, expressed his desire to seek the sustainable development with his alma mater. He believed that with both parties’ shared endeavor, the school will produce more and more excellent talents, and harvest more and more advanced researches.

At the ceremony, conferred on Zhou the Honorary Dean of SSADA, then they unveiled the plaque of SSADA.

Solex Sci-Tech Co., Ltd, with its headquarters in Xiamen, Fujian, is a listed company focusing on the innovation, design and manufacture (IDM) of toilet utensils, furniture and products for cosmetics and body care. Zhou Huasong, chairman of the board, was a medical student of Hengyang Medical College, one of the predecessors of the University of South China, from 1985 to 1990.

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