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1+4 NPC deputies from USC
2021-03-15 16:28 Idusc 

Of the more than 2900 deputies attending the annual session of National People Congress, one is and five graduatied from the University of South China. They are

Prof. Zhang Zhuohua, president of the University.

Mr. Zhou Haibo, head of People's Hospital Of Qingyuan, Guangdong, and medical graduate of the year 1986.

Ms. Lei Dongzhu, head of No 1 People's Hospital Of Chengzhou, Hunan, and medical graduate of the year 1991.

Ms. Tuo Qinhui, professor with Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and medical graduate of the year 1996.

And Mr. Xiang Weiyi, member of Party Committe and vice-direction of Sanguanshi Township, Cili County, Hunan, and electronic graduate of the year 2014.

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