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Governor Xu Dazhe visits USC
2018-11-29 09:10 Oxn Ycy 

On the morning of November 26, Mr. Xu Dazhe, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and governor of the provincial government, came to the school for inspection.

On the campus tour, Xu Dazhe watched an exhibition of teaching and scientific research achievements in USC, and unveiled the National Model Base for international sci-tech cooperation in nuclear energy and nuclear safety.

The governor reiterated that USC should  materialize the spirit of the National Education Conference, adhere to its the advantages, push forward the integration of martial and civil industries, cultivate the best and brightest, produce and transfer high-level sci-tech fruits, and spare no effort to get top-listed nationwide its best programs and disciplines. He said USC has its signatory disciplines in nuclear sciences, medical sciences, and environmental protection and has nurtured a profound culture and a solid foundation and potential in nuclear military industry and medicine, and has made important contributions to national and local economic and social development.

Chairman Wang Hanqing and President Zhang Zhuohua pledged that the University shall comply with the governor's requirements, follow the initiatives of “One C Three Bs”, and “One R Three Cs”*,  improve talent training, scientific research and service to society, focus on three major promotions (the promotion of the education, of sci-tech fruits production, and of the application and transformation of the technology), push forward the university into sound and rapid growth.

(photo courtesy by Cao Zhengping & Xia Wenhui)

*  The initiatives of “One F Three Bs”, and “One R Three Cs” were advanced at the their Party Conference of the University in 2016 which include:

to consolidate the Foundation of the best and brightest staff to Bolster the talent nurturing, to Bolster the research, and to Bolster the service for the society, and

to strengthen the Construction of undergraduates programs, the Construction of disciplines, and the Construction of innovation capacity by the Route of Connotative development).


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