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Hospital listed as model for clinical teaching and training
2018-12-10 08:14 YCY 

The first affiliated hospital of the University shall be listed among the 74 model centers for clinical teaching and training by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health, according to the news release on the website of MoE.

With 2626 staff members, 2572 beds and a history of 74 years, the hospital is the largest in the southern part of Hunan Province. In 2016 its outpatient admissions totalled 1.9m, and inpatient admissions 86,000. In 2016 it accomplished 25,000 surgeries.

One of the University’s four affiliated hospitals, it undertakes the clinical teaching and internship of the to-be doctors from the University, including 100 plus foreign MBBS candidates every academic year.

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