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Medical Saloon of the 1st Affiliated Hospital of USC
2014-04-17 20:50 Dekker Jeanique 

Dekker Jeanique, a medical student from South Africa, shares with us her feeling about attending the Medical Saloon held by No 1 Hospital of USC.

I would like to congratulate the University of South China and the 1stAffiliated Hospital for their outstanding presentation of two lectures related to medical cases and diagnosis. It was a great honor to meet some of the doctors practicing at that hospital, as well as attend the event. The foreign students are always treated with such respect and received with smiles and hospitality.

It is really very fulfilling for me personally to attend these lectures. It extends our medical knowledge and will most definitely assist us in the future to diagnose and treat specific cases. The lecturers, who are attending doctors of the hospital, were very clear about their topic and their English was really very good. They are very welcoming and friendly towards their audience as well.

The first lecture was about Hemolytic disease of new born babies. This topic is very interesting as it focuses on the miracle of a mother and her fetus's blood and the incompatibility of their blood. Isn't it remarkable that a baby can have a completely different blood type than the mother and the father. The lecture not only describes the different possibilities and causes of this disease, but also the diagnosis, available treatment options and the possible complications.

The second lecture was about Urinalysis. Many people in the audience, not only the students but even practicing doctors in other fields of medicine were surprised to learn about all the possible different colors of urine when diagnosed with different possible diseases, and also stained by our diets of certain fruits and vegetables. The audience was very interactive with the lecturing doctors as they were very approachable and willing to answer any of our questions.

One of the chief doctors of the 1st Affiliated Hospital commented that he has learnt a lot from these two lectures seeing that it is completely different to his field of practice. It was really interesting to hear and it reminded me that medicine has such a broad spectrum of different fields and specialties. I am really excited to be studying medicine at the University of South China and surely cannot wait to attend more of these lectures. I find it very inspiring and it increases our medical knowledge, even if only a little. I would like to encourage the doctors to host more of these lectures as we thoroughly enjoy it and their English is really very good, even if they might feel that it isn't.

I would like to extend my gratitude to Ms. Wang, Mr. Zuo, Mr. Yuan and the rest of the department of the International College for letting us attend this kind of activities. I hope that in the near future more students can attend and enjoy this kind of teaching.

I'm looking forward to the next lecture.

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