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Task force awarded “Model Team for Poverty Alleviation.”
2021-05-13 08:54 ycy 

The University of South China task force in Shenjia Village, Lianyuan City, has been awarded the honor of “Hunan Province Model Team for Poverty Alleviation ,”  according to new release of the website.

The team has stationed in the village for three years since 2018,  dedicated in developing the local economy and  ridding  the village of the label of "poverty". 

The University administration has long attached vital importance to the Poverty Alleviation Program initiated by the CPC Central Committee. From 2015 to 2018, a task force was dispatched to Qunshan Village, a neighbor to Shenjia Village, whose performance was ramped up with “Excellence.”

Now, another task force from the University has been dispatched to Tony Pond Village, Shaoyang City, to consolidate the achievement of the Poverty Alleviation Program and carry out the mission of Village Revitalization, an upgraded verion of the Poverty Alleviation Initiative.

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