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National “Top 10 Most Beautiful University Counselor”
2021-12-09 11:03  

Recently, the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and the Ministry of Education jointly released the advanced deeds of national “Top 10 Most Beautiful University Counselors” in 2021. Ma Jun, from the School of Nuclear Science and Technology of University of South China, is one of 10 counselors who have won the honor.

Ms. Ma devotes most of her time to the work, helping students solve  problems and troubles, while spending very little time with her daughter. She is the first national second-class psychological counselor in the university. In addition to her daily work as a counselor, she often organizes mental health education activities to relieve students' psychological problems. She is committed to building a team of counselors who love students, work hard and are good at research. With her help, a group of young counselors with a strong belief dedicate to student work has been built. Thanks to her efforts, a team of young counselors who have firm beliefs and are committed to student work have been rallied.

“Along the way, I love my students, love this glorious cause of education, and I will go on happily all the way!” says Ma Jun.

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