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The university holds conference on talents work
2021-10-28 10:30 Ycy 

October 27: In order to further implement the spirit of the talents work conference of the CPC Central Committee, , the University held a talents work conference in the Auditorium to comprehensively review the achievements of talents work since 2019, work out the road map of talents work for the 14th five-year plan.

                                                                               Gao Shan addressed  the audience.

The conference consisted of three sessions. In the morning session, Xia Kun, vice president, delivered a work report, on behalf of President Zhang Zhuohua, entitled accelerating the implementation of the strategy of strengthening the university with talents and striving to create a new situation in talents work. The report pointed out that the faculty should study the important remarks given by Xi Jinping at the the talents work conference of the CPC Central Committee, transform the spirit of the speech into a powerful driving force for the implementation of the University’s strategy, and translate the ideas into endeavors of high-quality development and a new situation of talents work.

Professor Ran Pixin, an outstanding alumnus, was invited to make a key-note report on the construction of talent team at Colleges. Combined with his rich talents work experience, the president of Guangzhou Medical University, expounded from five aspects the concepts, methods and measures on the talent-nurturing at college. With Zhong Nanshan as example, Ran also stressed that university teachers and researchers should develop qualities such as patriotism, dedication and truthfulness.

                                                                           Xia Kun delivered the talents work reports.

At the afternoon session, Gao Shan, the University’s Party secretary, addressed the audience. He pinpointed that the main problem we were confronted with in the course of reform and development was the gap between the requirements for high-quality and high-level developments and the relatively weak condition foundation, which is mainly externalized by the serious shortage of teachers and researchers, especially the high-level talents.

Gaoshan laid out the  specific requirements on how to carry out talent work in the near future:  keeping an open mind,  enhancing the sense of responsibility and working hard to implement the policy and measures made by the Party committee and administration of the University. He stressed  that the heads of the subordinates should shoulder the primary responsibility in cultivating a high-level workforce of teachers and researchers. 

                                                                            Ran Peixin gavie a key-note speech.

In the final session, representatives of deans and high-end talents delivered speeches, telling about their work and experiences in their respective fields.

(photo courtesy: Cao zhengping)

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