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President Zhang Zhuohua tours village for poverty alleviation
2018-10-03 10:06 YCY 

On Sept 22, Prof. Zhang Zhuohua, president of the University, visited Shenjia Village, Gutang County of Liangyuan City, for poverty alleviation.

At the meeting in the village hall, the vice chair of the People's political Consultative Conference of Hunan Province listened to the reports on the progress of poverty relief mission y the USC envoy in the village and officials of the county and the city.

Then Zhang addressed the audience. In his remarks, the president expressed his gratitude to the local governments for their support to the mission, praised what the mission group had done, and made suggestions for the improvement in the near future.

After the meeting, the president did an inspection to the village's clinic, rice processing plant and chick farm. He also visited some families, had a cordial face-to-face talk with the "relatives" and wished them a happy moon day by presenting them with moon cakes and other necessities. 

Joining the tour were officials and representatives from the University's subordinates departments and schools.


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