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Civil engineering master program peer-reviewed
2018-09-25 09:49 Oxn Ycy 

The master program of civil engineering was subject to review on Sept 22 by the peer review mission composed of the scholars and experts appointed by the Ministry of Education of China.

At the review, Prof. Wang Hanqing, the University Party Chief, extended a warm welcome and sincere gratitude to the experts, briefed the University’s history, characteristics and highlights, stressed that the administration has attached vital importance to the review, and hoped that the experts would conduct a thorough and targeted diagnosis on the program.

Prof. Wang Jinsong, vice dean of School of Civil engineering, elaborated the history, subdisciplines, education, research of the discipline.

After the review, the panel agreed that the program is one with distinctive object, scientific positioning, a portfolio of guidelines and system for mentorship, management, quality control and financing, a rational teaching plan, and high-quality dissertations. Also, the panel appreciated the University’s signatory nuclear-orientation in the development of the discipline such as Ventation in Nuclear facilities, disaster-prevention or alleviationin uranium tailings impoundment, special concrete, and the environment resilience of the uranium metallurgy and resourcization. Some suggestions as to the construction of the program were put forward at the feedback meeting.


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