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USC Talents Shine at the Provincial Art Show
2017-12-13 11:29 idusc 

USC is a big winner at the 5th College Student Art Show of Hunan Province, as informed by the Educational Department of the Province.
    Out of the 10 performances recommended by the CYLC USC Committee, 8 won first-class prize, and 2 second. Of the first prize winners, Pure Land, a dance performance, and Harvest Drum, an instrumental ensemble, have been cherry-picked to the National College Student Art Show, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Education.
    A high-profile, large-scale and wide-influential pageant for college students, the College Student Art Show of Hunan Province is held every three years.
    The University had attached vital importance to this year’s event, with the subject being Ideal and Conviction. The CYLC USC Committee spared no effort to mobilize, marshal and choreograph the preliminary event at the University level. The remarkable results speak fully of the culture and spirit embedded in the University and will contribute to more innovative forms of arts and the improvement of students’ aesthetic quality.


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