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MOE assessment wraps up
2017-12-16 11:13 idusc 

The feedback meeting on the MOE assessment of USC Undergraduate Education was held Friday afternoon in the newly renovated lecture hall of the University, which signals the conclusion of the mission.
    Attending the meeting were the mission members, officials from the education department of the province, as well as the leaders and teachers of the University.

    Chairing the meeting, Prof. Li Yanbao, chef de mission, gave an oral report about the overall inspection. He highlighted the achievements made by the University, especially its undergraduate educations. He said that as a public comprehensive institution with sharp characteristics, the University has been persistent unswayable in serving the national defense, the nuclear industry and the local health over its 59 years, and has now become a training base of talents for the state’s nuclear industry and Hunan health industry a hub of medical education and medical treatment in the South of Hunan. After four days’ inspection, the mission agreed:
    1. The University’s positioning and educational objective are in line with it actualities and satisfies social demands.
    2. With great importance attached to the Undergraduate education, the University has positively innovated the educational mode, optimized the education mechanism. As a result, the ultimate effect matches well the education objectives.
    3. The University has put great emphasis on the cultivation of the teaching staff, the improvement of students’ accommodation, teaching and learning facilities and resources, formation of the teaching investment mechanism and has made great effort to obtain support and resources from the enterprises as well as the government at different levels. The teachers and the teaching resources can guarantee the teaching and education of the undergraduates.
    4. The University has set up a portfolio of quality criteria which covers all of the major component parts of undergraduate teaching. Therefore, a complete, effective quality control system has been formed consisting of objective-designing system, process operating system, condition guaranteeing system and evaluation monitoring system
    5. The University has educated in its long history over 230,000 professionals and talents in the fields of nuclear science, medicine and health nationally and locally and has gained a wide recognition by and popularity with the society, the employers and the relevant industries.
(To be continued)

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