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Symposium marks 57th anniversary
2015-10-17 08:00 idusc 

The symposium was held Thursday afternoon to mark the upcoming 57th anniversary of the University, which falls on October 16.

Prof. Zou Shuliang, chairman of the Council and Party Chief of the University, attended the meeting, chaired by Prof. Gong Xueyu, vice president (personnel). Also attending the meeting were representatives of professors and doctors from colleges, retired staff members as well as the chiefs of some administrative departments.

The meeting had a retrospection of 57-year development puff the University, reviewed what it has achieved over the past 12th five-year, and blueprinted the near future regarding education, research, service and reform.

In his concluding speech, Prof. Zou, on behalf the Party committee and the administration, extended his gratitude to all of the attendees for their constructive suggestions and valuable ideas, and expressed his regards to all of the staff members.

Zou reiterated that over the past years, especially since the merge of the University, great improvements have been made in facilities, quality enhanced in education and research, and that the characteristics of nuclear, medical and environmental sciences have been more and more remarkable. He continued that all this had been approved by the government and that the staff members had spared no effort in amounting to it.

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