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University of South China International Students celebrate “Chinese New Year”
2023-01-26 11:22  

January 14 is the Lunar New Year in North China. More than 200 students from the International College of the University of South China gathered together with their teachers.

Inthe University of South ChinaBoxueyuanGarden canteen, there are hung red Chinese knots, and thecharacter“Fu”is pasted on the wall.International students learn to write Chinese calligraphy, and students write“Happy NewYear”in their mother tongue to express New year’s wishes.

In addition to writing New Year couplets, students also makeJiaozi(Chinese dumplings)together. The plates are filled withJiaoziof different shapes. The International students express that they feel the festive atmosphere of family.

During Chinese traditional holidays, the USC organizes various exchange activities forInternationalstudents to feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture and cultivate the feelings of love and honor for the university.

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