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On-site seminar on poverty alleviation held at Shenjia Village
2020-05-24 18:58 Ycy 

On May 22, Friday, the Party committee of the University held a special seminar on poverty alleviation at Shenjia Village, Gutang Township, Lianyuan City and conducted on-the-spot research in a bid to ensure that the school accomplishes the poverty eradication goals and tasks with high quality, and submit a qualified answer sheet to the Party and the people as scheduled.

The mission  was led by  Gao Shan, secretary of the Party committee of the University

Gao Shan visits the help-needed villager.

Gao Shan tours the village orchard.

Gao Shan tours the town clinic. 

Gao Shan inspects the teaching by the postgraduates from USC at the village school.

Gao Shan presides over the seminar.

(photo courtesy: Cao Zhengping)

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