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Vice governor tours the University
2020-04-02 08:26 ycy 

      Thursday morning, Ms. Wu Guiying paid a visit to the University of South China to check  school-beginning preparations against the potential spread of the Covid-19. During the visit, the vice governor of the Province inquired about the specific measures and emergency plans, as well as the  online teaching, key work promotion and research on the epidemic prevention and control.

      Wu praised that the medics from the University and its affiliated hospitals had made great contribution to the control of the Covid-19 outbreak and treatment of the infected in the city and out in Hubei Province. 

      As for how to carry out the the next leg work, Wu stressed that the affiliated hospitals should restore normal medical order, and strictly control suspected patients, fever patients, asymptomatic patients, overseas importers. She demanded that the school focus on the preparations for the start of the school, make targeted prevention and control measures, and resolutely safeguard the teachers and students' health and well-being, summarize  the epidemic prevention and control work, outline the experience and make up the weak, accelerate the innovation of epidemic prevention and medical research in a bid to become the leading major epidemic prevention and treatment center in the province. She asked that the school should push forward the "Double First-Class" construction, make best of  the school's  characteristics and advantages , accelerate the key work  of the year, spare no effort to accomplish the annual tasks, and achieve a rapid and sustainable development. 

      Joining the visit are Zhu Jian, acting mayor of the city, Gao Shan and Zhang Zhuohua, party chief and president of the University respectively.

(photo courtesy: Cao Zhenping)

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