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International Sci-Tech Innovation Platform Approved
2019-12-31 17:29 Ji Guangli 

Hunan International Joint Research Center of Medical Big Data, an international science and technology innovation cooperation base, has been approved by Science and Technology Department of Hunan Province. Led by Prof. Yang Xiaohua, vice president of the University, the team plans to build the base in three years into a provincial model base for international cooperation in the research and application of medical big data and for serving local economic and social development, by collaborating with globally renowned universities such as Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Case Western Reserve University, Calgary University and Stockholm University.

In recent years, the University has attached great importance to opening-up and international cooperation in the field of education, and extensive cooperation has been undertaken with many international universities in the fields of nuclear energy and safety, plasma research, medical research, software engineering and big data. A series of scientific and technological cooperative fruits have been jointly achieved.

The approval of the base is a vital index to the endeavors and achievements by the University .

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