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Student honored never giving up
2019-12-30 09:33 idusc 




    December 27   Wang Yufeng, a senior in the program of Software of the University, was honored by the Provincial Department of Education with the title of “Inspired and Established Students” along with the other 9 students from across Hunan Province. Ms. He Xujuan, vice president of USC, was invited as the awarding guest.

    The event was held primarily to showcase the outstanding feats of those disadvantaged students and  their never-giving-up spirit, spread the positive energy, and enhance the moral-oriented mode of higher education.  

    At the ceremony, Wang Yufeng made a speech titled “I Hold My Fate”, in which he sketched his deeds and achievements.

    Wang was caught in misfortune at 9 years old when he followed his grandfather in fighting a forest fire, and was burned by the fire. The burned area was as much as 60%. Five fingers of his left hand were amputated. He was classified as Grade II disability. After a long and struggling recovery period, he was taken as a "monster" by his classmates when returning to class. Although he felt lonely and helpless, he did not give up, but told himself, "I cannot give up, I shall display my own brilliance". With his amputated hands he began to learn riding a bicycle, playing basketball, typing, and other maneuvers thought of as impossible for him. After entering  the University, with the careful guidance and patient help of the teachers, he regained his confidence and created his own miracles. For two consecutive years, he has won a national inspirational scholarship, won one national scholarship, won more than 10 awards in national and provincial science and technology competitions, harvested one software copyright as the first author, was successfully accepted as  postgraduate candidate with exemption of entrance examination by Central South University, and was awarded with the honors such as "Self-Improvement Star of Chinese College Students".

    As the Organizing Committee commented at the ceremony:

    “The blast has burned your skin, but not your strong will. The Disaster has destroyed your face, but not  your dream. The harder you work, the luckier you are, and the more you give, the more you will be rewarded. Your world is shining bright with your optimism and gratitude. "

(photo courtesy: Hunan TV of Education)

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