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New co-op unveils
2018-10-06 10:31  


Dongguan Cooperative and Innovative Institute of University of South China was unveiled in Dongguan on Sept. 28. Attending the ceremony were Prof. Wang Hanqing, the school Party Chief, accompanied He Xujuan and Lei Xiaoyong, both vice president, and local officials and entrepreneurs

The initiative started in December 2016. By integrating the resources of the University, it encompasses six cooperative and innovative centers for advanced manufacturing, new energy-saving and environmental-friendly materials, high-property materials, disposal and recycling of waste gas, solid and liquids, smart designing, and diagnosis for enterprise growth.

The participants in the event agreed that the endeavor is a very good example for cooperation between a university and a local government. With its high-quality research team and fruitful sci-tech achievements, the University shall be a great driving force to the research and development, and the spread and transformation of new technology, and consequently make a great contribution to the local economy.

(photo courtesy by Xia Wenhui)

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