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Wang Hanqing pledges to boost collaboration with CNNC
2017-03-25 13:11 Zou Liwei, Yuan Chunyang 

On March 22, Prof. Wang Hanqing, chairman of the University Council, met with Wang Shoujun, chairman of China National Nuclear Corporation, at the campany's headquarters in Beijing. The two sides exchanged in-depth views on talents cultivation and school-enterprise cooperation.

Wang Shoujun pointed out that CNNC and USC share the same origin, and enjoy a long tradition of and a good basis for cooperation. He said that CNNC has attached great importance to research and personnel training in the field of nuclear science and technology. As China’s nuclear industry is now in the prime of development, he hopes that the two sides can give full play to their respective advantages, integration of resources, and close contact, so as to explore every possibility in terms of scale and mode of cooperation in the fields of nuclear power, geology and mining, nuclear environmental protection, nuclear Medicare and other aspects to strengthen exchanges and promote win-win situation.

Wang Hanqing, on behalf of USC, expressed his gratitude to CNNC for its support and concern over the years and gave a brief introduction to the future planning, discipline construction, specialty setting and education of the University. He reiterated that University has been committed to the development of the nuclear industry since its foundation, and produced numerous professionals and talents in this field to serve CNNC objective of becoming one of the world powers in the given field. He hopes that in the future,CNNC will continue to support the University in education and research, especially the construction of the "Double First Rate" disciplines and doctorate programs, and then jointly promote the development of the national nuclear industry.

Also attending the meeting were Yang Xiaohua and Chen Guomin, both vice president of the University , and other officials from both sides.

Wang Shoujun at the meeting

Wang Hanqing at the meeting

(photo courtesy: Dangzhengban)

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