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Chemical Engineering passes peer review
2016-11-18 23:18 idusc 

An accreditation group organized by the Ministry of Education paid early November a visit to the University to review the undergraduate program of chemical Engineering and techniques.

The mission concluded with a feedback meeting, which was held in the administration building.

At the meeting, Prof. Jia Shaoyi, chef de mission, gave a full report of their findings and suggestions against the universal criteria for accreditation and the specific criteria for the program. He highlighted the full preparations, sharp nuclear-oriented characteristics and well informed mentorship plan and syllabus. Also, he pinpointed that there is much for the university to do in terms of students' practical skills, international sight and knowledge of arts and liberal sciences.

Prof. Zhang Zhuohua, president of the University, expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the mission's hard work, their recognition of the undertaking, and constructive suggestions. He directed that the School of Chemistry and all relevant departments should study the feedbacks and then make improvements in order to build a better program and nurture more qualified talents.


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