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MCM/ICM results unveiled
2015-04-10 21:34 idusc 

April 10, 2015 United States — The official website of The Mathematical Contest in Modeling and the Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (MCM/ICM) unveiled its 2015 winners and results. Of the 14 teams of the University, 3 came as Meritoris Winners and 5 as Honorable Mentions, which is record maker since its participation in the Contest in 2012.

The MCM/ICM is a multi-day mathematics competition held annually in USA, during the first or second weekend in February, since 1985 by COMAP and sponsored by American Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics and America's National Security Agency, etc. It is distinguished from other major mathematical competitions such as Putnam by its strong focus on research, originality, teamwork, communication and justification of results.

At the beginning of the contest, teams have a choice among different problems,involving a system that requires the use of continuous mathematics, and thus often involves concepts from geometry, physics, or engineering, or a system that requires the use of discrete mathematics. The problems tend to be open-ended, and are drawn from all fields of science, business, and public policy. Teams have 96 hours to research and submit their solutions in the form of a research paper. During this time, they may consult any available references, but may not discuss their problem with anyone outside their teams.

After the competition, all papers are judged and placed into the following categories:

• Unsuccessful Participant

• Successful Participant (approximately 40% of teams)

• Honorable Mention (approximately 25% of teams)

• Meritorious Winner (usually 10 to 15% of teams)

• Finalist (approximately 1% of teams)

• Outstanding Winner (less than 0.5% of teams)

This year, around 7636 teams participated in the Contest, most of them from China.

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