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Record made by medic-students
2014-05-27 07:00 idusc 

GUANGZHOU - USC won the first-class prize in Sunday's final of the 5th National Clinical Skills Contest of Medical Students, which is a record-making event since the contest was held in 2010 and in the university's history of its medical education.

Forty one  out of 115 teams nationwide won out from the seven contest zones of the country and made their way into the semi final on May 24. After a fierce day, 20 teams made it into the final held on Sunday.

With their knowledge, skill, calm and confidence, the four contestants of USC, namely Zhang Yening, Peng Qunyong, Li Yanghong and Chen Jingfei, demonstrated themselves excellently and came out fifth in total score.

Zou Shuliang, USC's Party chief , and Wen Gebo, president, extended their warmest congratulations to the contestants and all personnel involved at the news. 

The candidates this year were trained in and by the No. 2 Affiliated Hospital.

The annual contest is sponsored by the Ministry of Education. This year it was hosted by Guangzhou-based Sun Yat-sen University.

Cao Zhengping and Yang Ke contributed to this report.

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